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The Namdar Collection is a small family collection from India and Pakistan, set in the Punjab and Punjab Princely Kingdoms. This is a story of officers, generals, ministers, and engineers of Punjab during the period 1800's to 1970's. The author has spent a better part of the last two decades collecting stories, artifacts, and photographs from this era.

The name Namdar was chosen as it relates to the authors' father. But in reality, the collection could've been by many different names. It is about family, identity, chivalry, and Rajput pride. It is also about three strong women (Mata-ji's) who ruled a generaion of Rajput sons. Partition and its implications are also part of this collection.

This is not about religion or politics, and the author takes no responsibility for any implications (of religion or politics) in the referenced materials. That is how Namdar would've liked it.