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This Namdar Historical Collection from South Asia and South Asia Partition Museum is a small family collection of photgraphs, artifacts, and history from the Punjab and Punjab Princely Kingdoms. The collection resides in Berkeley, California. The following areas are included in this collection:

  • Advent of the Rajput in Indian Sub-Continent: Their Origins and History
  • A New Beginning - Raja Rai Ram Dev, 14th/15th Century Punjab, Gurdaspur District, and Batala City after the Invasions and Ravages of the Timurid Empire
  • Of Service and Traditions: Khan Bahadur Hussain Bakhsh and Khan Bahadur Altaf Hussain Khan, 19th/20th Century Batala
  • Colonizing Punjab - Khan Bahadur Altaf Hussain Khan, Montgomery Colony
  • Ruling the State - Sir Rahim Bakhsh, Bahawalpur State 1907 - 1924
  • Colonization of Bahawalpur State - Sir Rahim Bakhsh
  • Indian Constitutional Reforms - Sir Rahim Bakhsh, Reform Committee, 1919
  • Protecting the State - Colonel Mohammed Ali Khan and Colonel Ali Altaf Khan, Kapurthala State
  • 2nd Anglo Afghan War of 1878 - 1880 -Participants from Kapurthala and Nabha States
  • Migration to Lyallpur from Kapurthala - Colonel Ali Altaf Khan, 1880's
  • Barristers from the Lincoln's Inn - Colonel Ali Altaf Khan, 1900 - 1905
  • Marriage in England - Colonel Ali Altaf Khan, 1905 - 1913
  • Serving the Maharajas - Sardar Bakhshi and Sardar Bikh families, Phulkian States (Nabha, Patiala, and Jind)
  • Growing up in Punjab Princey Kingdoms - Saeeda Ghani, Bahawalpur and Nabha States
  • Rajput Sunset - by Saeeda Namdar Khan
  • Secrecy of Silence - by Saeeda Namdar Khan
  • Living in a Palace - by Saeeda Namdar Khan
  • Giving Life to Cholistan - Abdul Ghani Khan Sahib Bahadur, Colonizing Cholistan Desert and Rahim Yar Khan District
  • Marriage in Phulkian States - 1945, Professor Mian Namdar Khan and Saeeda Ghani
  • Partition - A tragedy in the Punjab, 1947
  • Refugees of Partition - Escape to Lahore, 1947
  • Partition Museum Trust - Arts and Artifacts of Punjab
  • Fighting for Education - Professor Mian Namdar Khan
  • General in the Army - General Aftab Ahmed Khan, miraculous defense of Lahore, 1965
  • Khanji of the Air Force - An Engineers Life of Air Marshal Iftakhar Ahmed Khan
  • Poetry of Shireen - Life and times of Balqis Begum, Bahawalpur, Nabha, Lahore
  • Politics in the young country - Life and times of Sahibzadi Mahmooda Begum
  • Growing up in the young country - Authors' family in Lahore, 1950's/60's
This website may not include all of these subjects, however they will be included in Authors' books. The collection has however overgrown at the Author's home, and every effort is being explored to collaborate with universities, colleges, amd museums for a permanent location. The Author is also exploring a South Asia Partition Museum in the future. Much work is needed on that subject.

The website is not about religion or politics; it's more about family, events, and traditions, and takes no responsibility for any implications (of religions or politics) in the referenced material.

Thank You

Humayun Namdar Khan

Author, Collector, and Curator of the
Namdar Historical Collection from South Asia, and
South Asia Partition Museum