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Family History of
1947 India Partition:
Batala and Gurdaspur District

History: 1470's to 1970's
Rajput Generals and Ministers: Serving the Maharaja's

Punjab Princely Kingdoms
Delhi Coronation
Darbars of
1903 and 1911

Choga from
1911 Delhi Darbar

Prof Mian Namdar Khan

Education Fame: Kapurthala State, Batala, Montgomery, Lyallpur, London, Lahore, Berkeley

Sir Rahim Bakhsh

Bahawalpur State Fame: Regent of the State, 1907 - 1924

Sahibzadi Mahmooda Begum (1920-1999)

Leading Politician, MNA and MPA: Bahawalpur and Nabha States; Lahore

Lt. Gen Aftab A. Khan

Batala, Lahore; Ambassador; Raised the X-Corp; World War II in Italy; Savior of
Lahore, 1965

Air Marshal Iftakhar A. Khan (1925-2013)

Batala, Lahore, Peshawar; Engineer;
Khanji of the
Air Force

Barrister Colonel
Ali-Altaf Khan

Kapurthala State
Fame; 2nd Afghan War 1878-80; Lyallpur; Lincoln's Inn,
London 1905

General Ghulam Bikh Khan

Jind State Fame; General Commanding State Forces

Bakhshi Sardar General Wali Mohd Khan

Commander-in-Chief, Nabha State Forces
Barrister Sardar Sadiq Mohd Khan

Judicial and Revenue Minister, Nabha State; Lincoln's Inn, London

Sardar Masum Khan

Paitiala and Nabha State Fame

Balqis Begum
(1915 - 1999)

Bahawalpurt State, Nabha State, Lahore; Poetry of Shireen